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A lecture by Constant ICA London 1963

A short performance re-enactment of Constant's lecture at the London Instit

ute of Contemporary Art in 1963.

New Babylon is a city plan designed to fulfill the desires of the free person, proposing new, creatively passionate architecture. Dutch artist Constant spent 20 years developing and devising New Babylon - he prepared models, blueprints, collages, sound clips, paintings, and drawings presented in a series of international lectures and exhibitions.

The lecture, which will be re-enacted at the Liebling Haus, offers a conceptual and physical description of New Babylon and explores the artist's role as a gener

ator of new and exciting ideas and the possibility of experiencing everyday life in the city as art.

with Meshi Olinky 

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school of the city


Olympus is an innovative program for young artists and designers who completed art, architecture, design, performance, and dance studies; people seeking a flexible, singular platform to develop, expand, and refine their creative work. The approach blends various tools, techniques, and vocabularies designed to expand fields of action and help to develop and refine the creators creative vision. We aim to create an innovative, creative learning experience, supporting creators in their journey to find and boldly pave their way in the world with curiosity, agility, and responsiveness.

with:  Maayan Mozes, Ana Wild, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Merav Kamel, Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, Yoni Raz Purtugali, Eran Eizenhamer.

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A work by artist Maayan Mozes and an interview with the political activist and author Angela Davis are presented in one partitioned space.
Mozes stands on her head in front of the Knesset, physically opposing the legislature’s form and function. The book of laws authorizes the state to exercise its power against us. The physical resistance captured in Mozes’ video art is part of the history of political activity as protest, demonstration, and public performances in which the body resists and refuses to comply with authoritarian structures. It is also a demonstration of the artist’s personal and relentless opposition to the injustice of the prevailing order.

Angela Davis was among the leaders of the Black Panther Party. In 1970, Davis was wrongfully charged and incarcerated for two years, during which she led a legal battle until her acquittal. The featured interview was filmed in jail during her imprisonment. At one point, the Swedish TV crew interviewing Davis asks whether the Black Panthers will continue to resort to violence. However, instead of falling into the populist trap, Davis presents the personal and historical contexts of the question of violence, successfully framing and outlining the arguments while being behind bars.

angela davis: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975; by Göran Olsson (2011)
maayan mozes: headstanding 2016, Full HD, Single video channel, 30 min
amphi: concept by ana wild. planned and buily with aia zaiger

school of the city
living in the city program for schools


School of the City develops and runs unique multidisciplinary educational programs for elementary schools that explore urban living through personal experience. Our team includes educators, artists, designers, and architects.

The programs are implemented in several schools across the city, including eastern and southern neighborhoods as well as Jaffa and Ramat Aviv. More than 3000 pupils engage in the program every week as part of their annual curriculum.

The program explores the city and the relations between the built environment and its inhabitants while developing observational and aesthetic attitudes towards day to day life in the city. We seek to emphasize and intensify the connection between pupils’ private life and living spaces to the urban-public sphere.