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Eran Eizenhamer is an architect and a multidisciplinary designer.
Eran Is the initiator and director of School of the city at the Liebling Haus, Tel Aviv.
An interdisciplinary program in architecture, design, and the arts that explore issues associated
with living in the city.
Lecturer at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art at the Interior,
Building & Environment Design department.   Publishes essays about the city and
everyday life in it as a poetic space as well as a physical space, the impact of the place on
the relations of those living in it, form-content relations in the space and their examination through art.
Currently writing his thesis ‘Toward Architecture as Pedagogy’ at  Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design,
Policy and Theory of the Arts department.

photos and design credits:

metropolis 2+3, public classroom and the science of dreams photos by studio Zooz.
architecture & everyday: catalog design rachel kinorot.
ellipsis magazine design by avi buhbut
the dreamers berlin by JOANA DIAS PHOTOGRAPHY
syllabus photos by david havrony, design by liron sabag
the dreamers lod photos and documentation: Paz Ponce Perez-Bustamante
I’m Home: Photos by Siavan Moyal