architecture and everyday
architect’s house jaffa
july 2017

the exhibition centered around the relationship between the everyday, quotidian life, and architecture.
‘Our days are cyclic. The same actions, the same habits, the same places. This is the everyday from which we steer towards the extraordinary and the unusual, towards the event, fantasizing about the unobtainable. Architecture also moves away from the everyday and the mundane routine and plans the exceptional, the spectacle. Today more than ever it involves the image and the fantastical.
Is it possible to see the everyday as a changing occurrence? consider the reiteration as singular? can architecture plan for the everyday?
The exhibition features David Havrony and Naama Roth. Their works, presented on the façade of the Architect House and in the gallery, portray a space and offer a place of curiosity and observation against the decisiveness of the architectural image. ‘

home page photo: A girl eating breakfast, david havrony 2015