architecture and everyday


the exhibition centered around the relationship between the everyday, quotidian life, and architecture.

“  A girl eating breakfast. She is sitting at the table, in front of a plate, a bowl with salad leftovers, and a telephone. The frame also captures the floor, curtains, and some chairs: an everyday life situation. This is what a girl having breakfast at home looks like, this is what a kitchen looks like, and this is architecture. Flicking through architecture magazines and looking for pictures of kitchens will reveal something different: the images are all very similar to one another. The kitchen in them is always gray, spacious, and empty with gleaming countertops and an island. It has stainless steel built-in oven and fridge. It is made of pristine white veneer. The floor is made of a gray material. The kitchen is encased in a cold material and the entire photo exudes coldness. Something else links these images – they are all photographed in the same manner: same cleanliness, same camera angles. Mediated through perfect images. “

Artists: Naama Roth And David Hevrony
Photos by Daviv Havrony

exhibition text

july 2017