Olympus at the Amphi

exhibition curator

The Amphi at the Liebling Haus is a round grandstand structure encircling a public arena. The Greek word Amphitheater means "on both sides"; the word Theater means "behold." An amphitheater is, therefore, a place to view on both sides. as well as the seated audience.

Program participants were invited to create works and actions within and for the Amphi, creating a new urban amphitheater.

The Framework Program proposes an alternative to our perception of artistic practice as a sequence of projects. Instead, the program in ancient times, amphitheater seats were divided into zones: in the lower rows sat the emperor and his companions, above them sat high-ranking officials, and so on, up to the top. This made the amphitheater an index of Roman society - for outside observers invites participants to observe and explore the time between projects and the common thread that connects them. Participants explore the creative, aesthetic, and conceptual core from which their work evolves. The program aspires to refine and hone our methods through passionate dialogue with various creators about friendship, intuition, balance, and space.

with Anna Wild
Exhibition by Yotam Michel Yogev
Exhibition by Omer Shach

may 2021