House in the Galilee,

Architecture and Interior Design / 200M+Yard

A house on a hillside in Upper Galilee: suitable climatic design by exact position of the house and planning openings respectively directions of air and sun, allowing a lot of light and ventilation throughout the day and night without the need for air-conditioning, and heating with minimum energy. These obtained by passive measures: Pergolas made of simple pine lockable and provided roofing easily depending on the season, roofing the openings, appropriate building materials and insulation were defined, a well insulated roof was designed and insulated windows were installed in a reasonable cost. The house is built by a conventional method in high level of insulation along with parts built in simple pine including the gallery and the floor. In the home plan, the living room the dining room and the kitchen are positioned parallel to the bedrooms the workrooms and the bathroom, connecting them is an open corridor covered by a future gallery and passes from the entrance to the balcony which facing west and watches the sea. The plan enables closer relationships between family members, cozy family space and turning the house into the garden and the landscape. The preparation for the gallery floor allows relatively easy to expand the house with the family needs.